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interesting few days. very possible the State will release him this time. Brendan was already at the door last time and had given his prison stuff away before the 11thHr Attorney General move to keep him locked up...right? so I think that cards been played and I give the State credit for having the Video for this case. (the Knox/Sollecito trial this video was missing yet the interrogation was huge in condemning them) .
great they had the video done and it worked for just this reason.
theres more laws to change obviously like Prosecutors being held more accountable financially and prison sentence wise. That might slow them down to blaming and framing the wrong person.

Ive read all the affadavits but my real interest lately is digging up all the clips of the Jurors interviews. very interesting stuff that went on with the jurors comment could be enough for a retrial all in itself. Of course tied to the Brady violations.

MAM2 was contacted by one juror who mentioned they thought Steve was framed and there was trading of votes as some had hoped this "trading" game would get Steve a new trial but that never happened. I hope MAM2 really goes deep into the Juror decision room...

Its amazingly interesting what happened in that black box called the juror room as it started with 7 saying Not Guilty.... I'd love to been a fly on the wall, or be able to watch a video of the jurors and how they were swayed away to voting Guilty. Maybe a law to video tape the juror room or some kind of legal team needs to be present to prevent Bullying and Fear of voting....maybe a juror should have the option to "vote out" immediately after the closing arguments, and be able to Vote then without the juror room. Why not? If I watched the trial and I made my mind up I should be able to vote and go home instead of sitting in a room with a possible "planted" juror who bullys and intimidates or manipulates people to change their Vote...right?

Zellners strongest evidence legally might be the Brady violation-withheld evidence angle.

One juror, when asked why they voted guilty and what they thought happened to murder victim Teresa Halbach, said “Torture and rape. Then he shot her in the head. He cut her up and put her in a burn barrel.”

The juror’s comments are significant because no evidence of Teresa being raped and tortured was allowed in Avery’s trial. That information comes from a confession given by Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey and was part of a pre-trial press conference given by prosecutor Ken Kratz.

Maybe Buting and Strang didnt do so bad of a job really...if the votes were initially 7 Not Guilty...hmm?

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