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And to show law and history degrees do not guarantee conformity with these rogue judges on Dassey, this from an authority on another blog

""For sure he helped burn her body and get rid of evidence. I believe his confession that he also raped her. Far from no one believing him many do. I don't think that he should have gotten life but someone else got to make that call not me. Moreover, all that matters is what the jury believed not what I believe. There was no legal basis to vacate the jury decision. An activist court undid the jury verdict but the state is appealing so it is far from over.

The 7th Circuit in made up of 11 judges (there are 2 seats vacant one of which Trump has nominated a replacement for). Cases are heard by a panel of only 3 judges but parties can appeal such a ruling requesting an en banc hearing. If a majority of judges vote to hear the case then the 3 judge panel decision is vacated and treated as if it never existed and all active judges hear the case. That decision is subject to further appeal to the US Supreme Court. If they don't vote to hear it en banc then the state can still appeal to the US Supreme Court.

So there is still a way to go before the fat lady sings.""
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