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Originally Posted by JREF2010 View Post
Theres supposedly a release/bond filed for Brendan.

So will the State file to keep him locked up again?

The Defense is moving forward as they should. The State has to decide to go against the 7th new ruling or drop the whole thing.

STATE is the unknown for now....the options seem to be.

Re-Trial more 16yr old confession crap & no evidence found of Brendan anywhere. Does the State want to waste more money ? probably not.

FULL 7th Re-Vote:
To have one more 7th Vote of everyone is another option for the State. Its cheaper than a retrial and more likely, imo.
Seems silly because whats the point really of having the 3-Judge thing if anyone who loses asks for the Full Vote? I suspect this request will probably be rejected too. But it is cheaper than a retrial.

DROP IT: State could toss Kratz under the bus as a loser poster boy. The new politicians can have photops with Brendan on TV and take his "popular vote" side on tv. They could spin it in their favor and use the already tainted sweatyProsecutor as the bad-egg loser whose to blame for wasting all the states money. and the politicians can then start some more Brendan Bill! geeez... very likely if the popular vote in Wisconsin is to Free Brendan.

Beg the US Supreme Court to review and overturn it back to a Guilty verdict...probably seems a big request when all the MCSD has is a video tape with no scientific evidence of Brendan a 16yr old retarded kid being asked by Weaslegart "so we'll come out and tell you...who shot her in the head?!? you can home if you tell us the right answer we want to hear""we're your friends...Im going to rub your leg with my hand and get you candy "
Highly unlikely isnt it?

This is where Factbender/Weaslegart screwed up. When TF sent the request for PoofyHair Lab gal to put Avery in the garage or trailer, he probably should have requested some last minute DNA of Brendan in there too or maybe had Lenk and Colburn find something of the victim in Brendans pant pocket.

Is it too late for Lenk and AC to go back to the trailer and find maybe something with the victims DNA and Brendans? Maybe Lenk and AC could find something of the victims in Brendans pant pocket... like they found the bullet and key on Steve placing him in the trailer and garage much much later.
Maybe they could lay another Key in the middle of the floor but this time its in Brendans trailer with Brednans DNA on a "spare key" from the SUV. Maybe find a bullet all the investigators missed the first 12 times they went through the garage? hmmm...

If Brendans released should he stay in MCSD?
From my vantage point, it would bring the US Supreme Court into total disrepute to be implicated in the continued captivity of Brendan.
Nothing should surprise when form so often trumps function in justice, but that would shock me beyond belief.
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