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The mayor of London,*Sadiq Khan, has implored EU negotiators during a visit to Brussels to offer free movement for Britons through “associate citizenship”, as the “next best thing” to membership.

With the backing of the former prime minister of Belgium*Guy Verhofstadt, Khan called for the idea to be at the “the heart” of the negotiations over the future relationship.


Khan told reporters that he believed the idea had merit. “There’s an opportunity for us to move forward with this and I’ve been pleased with the response and it gives hope to*London, as well as across our country”, he said, following meetings with EU officials.

The chances of such an initiative making headway in the negotiations are extremely limited as it would be unlawful under EU legislation.

There is unlikely to be appetite for any rewriting of treaties among the 27 member states, given the UK government’s hostile attitude to the*free movement of EU nationals who wish to live and work in Britain.

This is what's called having your cake and eating it too. British people really have an inflated sense of importance.
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