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Originally Posted by Cavemonster View Post
Republicans are pretty good at falling in line. And any who were put off by Trump's statements during the campaign were offset by the ones super thrilled that he "owned the libs".

Liberals, unfortunately are more prone to a few states of mind that make people stay home from the polls. "But he's not who I wanted!" and "Both sides are really the same corporate BS".

I know Joe says and believes some stupid crap, it won't keep me from voting for him because he would have to rape a puppet on the debate stage to even begin to look worse than Trump.

But I am very worried that we've got young voters, Bernie fans, far left progressives all very ready to stay home and say they can't stomach Biden and happy to use a particular gaffe, revelation, or policy difference as an excuse.
I completely agree. Those who oppose Trump need to vote for whomever the Dem nominee is. I dislike Sanders a lot but I'd rather have him than Trump.
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