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Originally Posted by sir drinks-a-lot View Post
Biden is a gaffe machine, that is for sure - and they seem to be coming much more frequently. I suspect most Democrats will overlook them (as they did with his remarks about Obama being the first mainstream black person who was clean, good looking and articulate). I usually find the gaffes amusing, but the current frequency is concerning.

They probably feel (rightfully) that the 'system' is against their candidate. Big media and the Democrats sure look like they didn't want any part of Sanders.

Oh, and the word you were looking for is "principle" not "principal".
I have heard this.
Don't follow though. Seems like "the Democrats" not wanting Sanders- and expressing that pretty clearly with their votes when it became likely that he could get the nomination- is not equal to the "system" being against him. (unless we decide that the Dems who have voted in primaries thus far are actually "the system")

And Journalists reporting on those facts become, I guess, the "big media" that is against him?

Bunch of nonsense.
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