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Originally Posted by PartSkeptic View Post
I never said God was tired of all the sin. I said that humankind was incapable of stopping over-population and all the negative consequences of that, including the moral decay of the elite. A "correction" will be imposed. God is giving guidance as to the direction of change. Until there is change, God will continue with the disasters. An atheist has the choice of saying that nature sorts itself out, and that what happens is inevitable and foreseeable. Your choice.

I am not a hypocrite or a bigot in terms of the formal definitions of the words. I look at facts in a balanced manner, even if they are not PC (by your definition probably). And if your definition is that anyone who is not PC is a hypocrite or a bigot, then I meet YOUR definition. That is why I complain about the standard of debate.

I do not consider myself holier than anyone. My intelligence did not help me avoid mistakes and doing stupid things.
Well, I can tell you what my definition of "PC" is. It's an easy meme for people who want to escape the consequences of displaying their bigotry to throw around; in fact, used that way, it's a display of PC rather than the disavowal it's pretending to be, since conservative PC is no less the same thing for the same purpose as when more liberal people do it. It's still just a hoiier-than-thou pose.
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