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Jogging in Georgia while black.

A black man, Ahmaud Arbery, was shot dead while out for a jog in Georgia after being confronted by two armed white men attempting a citizen's arrest.

The two white men set up a roadblock with their truck and confronted the unarmed Arbery. In the brief exchange, Arbery struggled with one of the men over a shotgun, and was shot dead.

local GA law enforcement ruled this an acceptable case of self defense, despite little to no evidence that Arbery was doing anything suspicious that would justify armed men attempting to apprehend him.

Public outcry, including from Joe Biden, has lead to the case being sent over to the Grand Jury for possible indictment.

CNN managed to get their hands on video of the incident and it's hard to see this as anything but a broad-daylight murder.

At best, the men had the authority to follow Arbery and send law enforcement to that location, Merritt said. The 911 calls show the call taker was asking the men what Arbery is doing that was of criminal concern, Merritt said.
"They didn't give any answer for that, they said, 'He's a black man running down our road,'" Merritt said.
According to GA prosecutors that passed on the case, murdering unarmed black men for refusing to explain why they are jogging on white roads is not a crime. The DA watched this video and decided that there wasn't probable cause for an arrest.

One of the killers is a former police officer.
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