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Originally Posted by Giz View Post
Is TDS blinding ? I said nothing about trump deserving a higher spot. What I did say is that a number of other recent presidents seem to be too high.
True. I am rather focused upon the current travesty.

By the way, as I pointed out somewhere here yesterday, the Trump supporters' refrain of "TDS" is getting TeDiouS.

As also pointed out here, just above, this result under discussion is not a poll, at least in the usual sense. I gather some criteria were established by which to rank with some degree of objectivity. This is borne out by the fairly small divergence in any one President's ranking by political affiliation of the participants. Indeed, there are a few cases where the rank expectation was reversed from what might expect, with Dems more favoring a Rep POTUS and vice versa. These factors lend no small degree of credence to the resulting ranking.

We can argue about the potential for freshness of memory of recent POTI to introduce bias. But the demonstration that, in the main, R and D participants follow the same general trend in ranking at least reduces the variable of bias resulting from political affiliation by a good margin. Among these accredited experts in the field of political science/history, anyway. From the man in the street we should expect to find a *far* higher correlation with political leanings.

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