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Originally Posted by zooterkin View Post
Ok, fair enough; that's new information.
Yep, that's the bit that I had neglected to mention.

Originally Posted by zooterkin View Post
Again, true, but it can happen without you actually entering your password incorrectly at all. It's happened to me when I changed the password, as required by the system settings, on my laptop, but forgot or was not able to update the password on my mobile phone. The mobile continued to try to sign in with the old password, and eventually reached the lock-out limit.
Yes it can, but it's by far less likely. It used to be if you were logged on to two workstations at the same time, and you changed your password on one of them, it would lock you out. Not sure if that still happens. What does happen sometimes is that Credential Manager can store and try to use old passwords. We also use a mobile app suite from Citrix that people can install on their smartphones, and that sometimes stores and tries to use old passwords too. That's a real pain, because the only way we can fix that is to get them to delete and reinstall the apps to their phones, and the install process... let's just say that there are a lot of steps.
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