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For me, the scientific method follows from scepticism backed by self-evident pragmatism. I exist in a world that I do not understand, but if I'm hungry,
I need to eat. If I question this, I will suffer and eventually die. The scientific method is simply the best way to obtain knowledge about the world that works
and actually helps me, as opposed to superstition, which doesn't.
But in the end, I'm still stuck with making (implicit) assumptions about the world, even though they are working assumptions and might change.
To completely get rid of assumptions altogether requires pure scepticism, complete ignorance, unknowing etc. however you want to call it.
And that's insanity, so I allow myself to sink back into pragmatism, and run under the assumptions that have worked well in the past, with the full
awareness that still anything I assume might be wrong. Maybe I'm being deceived by Descartes' Malicious Demon or I'm plugged in the Matrix.
How can I know? How can I know anything at all? But I've noticed a beautiful woman having an interest in me and all my questions vanished
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