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Originally Posted by sylvan8798 View Post
I asked once at LCF why we should believe that they have showed us ALL the witness interviews they did. They ignored me, of course.

I also asked why we should believe "their" witnesses and not believe Penny Elgas, who gave a VERY graphic description of the plane flying into the side of the building. The response was basically "find out which side of the Citgo she saw the plane on". Like that's the only thing that matters.
A couple of years back Craig the CIT CULT leader promised to release a 4 hour researchers edition in which I believe that he promised the un-edited interviews.
That never happened.
BTW I want to thank my family, friends, JREF debunkers, etc.....
I have a thread pinned over at the CIT cesspool with my name in it!
LOL and I am not even what I would consider a "debunker"!!!
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