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Originally Posted by Hyperviolet View Post
My personal position in the topic is 9/11 is there is likely some government/military intelligence involvement (guess that makes me a Woo hehe) however, contrary to the believes of many conspiracists i believe there was real hijacked planes, real passenger victims, a plane hit the pentagon and 93 came down in Shanksville.

Hello and welcome. You mention below that you've been reading this forum for a while now, so you may be familiar with the "Mark of Woo", that being the behaviour of coming in and sounding reasonable at first, and then evolving into a full-blown woo. I mention this, as it seems you may be showing some signs of The Mark.

You start out as above, a nice, reasonable LIHOPer, but then you go on:

Originally Posted by Hyperviolet View Post
Hi Minadin - no, i am not P'Doh. I have been a reader of these forums and know exactly who your are referring to and his past "revelation."

Quite frankly, i don't trust Military Intelligence. Iran Contra showed us that.

I am also intrigued as to the collapse of building 7 ( i have seen the comments of Chief Nigro and the burning south face) and the conclusion drawn by Danny Jowenko on the matter. The collapse interests me. There is good points on both sides.

So now you're suggesting that there may be something to the CTs about WTC7 collapsing.

I'd suggest that there's one important difference between LIHOP and MIHOP: You can be just "a little LIHOP", but you can't be "just a little MIHOP".

LIHOP is based mostly on believing that some people in positions of power are more interested in their own gain than in their responsibilities. As such, it doesn't require much in the way of woo thinking, except when the question comes up of how many people would be needed to "let it happen" without others catching on.

MIHOP, however, requires a qualitative difference: you must have people taking an active role: Planting explosives, or whatever. And once you postulate an active role, there really is no limit to what you must start claiming.

I'll explain.

You suggest there was something untoward about WTC7. Let's assume you mean it was a CD, made to look like a result of fire and impact damage.

Well, then, you need to make sure that there was some fire and impact damage, right? Where does that come from? From the collapse of WTC1&2. So we'd better make sure they collapse. Since we can't just assume the planes alone will do the job, we'll have to help them along.

Of course, for the collapse of WTC1&2 to be plausible, they must be hit by planes, or else it'll give the whole game away. So we'll have to make sure they get hit by planes. Can't just try to "let it happen", because you never know when some do-gooder on the plane will screw up your plans (flight 93, right?).

And to make sure we have the planes, we have to make sure we have hijackers, which means we have to make sure they get on the planes. To get on the planes, we have to make sure they're not in prision, so we have to make sure no one arrests them. And we have to make sure they get into the country....and on, and on....

Allow for any part of the day to be MIHOP, and you end up needing almost everything else to be MIHOP, because losing any one link risks exposing the whole plot for all to see.

So I'd suggest sticking with LIHOP. It's just barely plausible, while any MIHOP scenario just gets more crazy as time goes by.
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