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Originally Posted by JoeyDonuts View Post
Post #100. Those are concrete slabs embedded with the steel truss support structure. They're pretty deformed but if you understand anything at all about the floor construction of WTC it's not that hard to see it.
A classic example of truthers looking at a blurry photo and drawing wrong conclusions. Remember the photo of this that Steven Jones used in his legendary paper? It could have been a lump of pudding, for all the detail you could see.

I've been to Hangar 17 (plenty of primer paint scraps there to be had for the asking!). That piece is exactly what they say it is: a section of 3-4 floors and their contents. You can clearly see the corrugated steel floor pans separating the floors. There is unburned paper embedded in that mass.

The fantasy: Richard Gage on crackpot Kevin Barrett's Radio show, May, 2008:

"We would expect to see, in a gravitational collapse, about 110 floors down at the bottom of the pile. Hey, I'd settle for 50. How about 20? No, we don't find even 1 floor down at the bottom.

All the metal decking that's used to form this concrete is completely pulverized. You find it in these tiny filings in all of the dust. THAT'S WHERE IT IS."

Gage repeats this idiocy in the Hardfire shows with me:

At about 11:20: "There's a hundred and ten floors that collapsed. We would expect to see 50 or 20. We don't even see one floor. In fact they've been shredded. Not only the concrete, but the decking, and the floor trusses underneath. Not one has been found.

At 12:35: "A few pancakes. That's all I'm asking for."

The reality

"My gang cut away a section of a wall. We counted 14 floors compressed into eight feet." –Ironworker Terry Strobel, America Rebuilds

"Two weeks after 9/11, engineers Pablo Lopez and Andrew Pontecorvo are walking in the B2 basement level at the ruins of the World Trade Center, towards where the North Tower stood. They discover a “solid, rocklike mass where the basement levels of the tower had been,” and see “the recognizable traces of twenty floors, very much like geologic strata revealed by a road cut, compressed into a ten-foot vertical span.

In one place, the steel decks of half a dozen floors protruded like tattered wallpaper, so close together that they were almost touching where they were bent downward at the edge. Nothing between the decks was recognizable except as a rocky, rusty mishmash. In a few places what might have been carbonized, compressed stacks of paper stuck out edgewise like graphite deposits.” –James Glanz and Eric Lipton, "102 Minutes." 2004, p. 310

Why anyone would believe anything Gage and his gang of lazy, lying, despicable creeps say, is beyond me.
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