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Brace yourselves!

Oh, to hell with this grammar Nazism! (Although I'd just like to say that in the UK the use of the apostrophe in Charles' book is perfectly acceptable.)

Ladies, gentlemen, persons of (genuine) royal descent, I do believe it's time for a spot of schadenfreude.

Earlier today I had a quick look at the history of the "Lady of Lawers" Wikipedia article and noticed something very interesting: when it first appeared on 28th March 2006 it began with the words:

Around 1650, John Campbell of Lawers took for his wife a Stewart from the Appin district of Argyll. No one knows her Christian name as she was always referred to as Baintighearn Labhuir or the Lady of Lawers.
This is essentially the version of the tale that can still be found elsewhere on the net. Not until 24th December 2009 was it altered to read:

Around 1630, John Stewart, second son of Laird Duncan Stewart 6th of of Appin, took for his wife a daughter of Sir James Campbell, Sherriff of Perthshire. Her Christian name was Mary Campbell, but she was always referred to as Baintighearn Labhuir or the Lady of Lawers.
I must admit that when I first read the link so kindly provided by Charles I felt a bit...suspicious. Where did this information come from? As we already know, the only person who believes that John Stewart married and had children is Charles Boden.

The edit was made by someone with the IP number who has made no other edits to Wikipedia articles. Look what I discovered through

Reverse IP Lookup -
City/Region/Company: Rio de Janeiro

Charles, is this merely a coincidence? Is Rio de Janeiro crawling with expats obsessed with the Stewarts of Appin? Or have you been caught out in the act of manufacturing evidence?

Enquiring sceptical minds want to know!
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