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One More Look at Iron-Rich Spheres

I am taking another very close look at the iron-rich spheres in the wtc dust and am looking for only the best-quality information available on the subject. There have been some surprises along the way... and the entire subject is so esoteric, most of the information available on it comes from either 9/11 Truth sources or here at JREF. I want independent sources.

A few questions:

1) How common are iron-rich microspheres really? I have sent out all kinds of emails to metallurgists, and one guy yesterday who also does forensics said he has never in his life seen iron-rich microspheres in the debris of an arson fire.
2) At what temperature does iron reduction happen (citations please) in small or even nano-sized flakes of rust?
3) At what temperature can iron-rich microspheres form (citations please)?
4) Harrit/Jones claim that even though their readings show both iron and oxygen, that their iron-rich spheres are actually pure iron with a very thin coating of iron oxide. Is there any data to support this, or are the spheres just a more homogenous partially-reduced mix of iron and iron oxide?
5) At what temperature can tiny flakes of iron oxide melt (Dave Thomas claims 900 C, and I have even heard 430 C)?
6) The consensus here seems to be that iron-rich spheres can happen in regular fires. I'm having a hell of a time finding independent verification of this. The best I have is Dave Thomas's experiment, finding iron-rich spheres after burning primer paint on steel in a barrel. Sadly, our friend Ivan passed away before testing his own possible iron-rich spheres in a similar experiment. Is there a textbook or any other source that an independently verify and quantify this phenomenon?
7) RJ Lee found vast quantities of iron-rich mirospheres in the dust inside the Deutsche Bank in the spring of 2002. He talks about melting iron but he also says this is to be expected in a fire as intense as the WTC fires. Tentative conclusion: his raw data is good, his explanations don't help either side much. I have another letter out to him to try to get more clarification.
8) The 9/11 Truth claim is that iron oxide spheres are created by coal burning/fly ash and other conventional means, but NOT elemental iron spheres. This appears to be true.
9) I went to WikiAnswers and found out that iron oxide can be reduced to iron with a regular fire surrounded by sand. Seems like no big deal. Of course, this explanatrion doesn;t show the iron-rich spheres one way or another, just iron reduction.

Be patient with me. In my Shakespeare classes in school we never studied this stuff.
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