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Originally Posted by Eddie Dane View Post
By that logic liberals chose a package in which they sacrificed the stability of the middle east, accepted a million dead Muslims, a potential hot war with Russia and handed control of the White House to Wall Street and Saudi Arabia, so that Caitlyn Jenner can use the ladies' room.*

*and yes, that too is hyperbole.
And those were not the basic policies of Clinton but rather alarmist fears. Locking up all the Muslims is a policy of trump.

Now sure his supports bet that they could tell the difference from his real policies from the stuff he was saying just to win votes. Because racism isn't a deal breaker for them. It is like when you hang out with all your racist homophobic friends and just go along with them, it only makes you look like a racist to everyone else. It doesn't make you a racist just someone who is racist tolerant.
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