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Originally Posted by BStrong View Post

My swag is that even as we post there's a plea deal in the works and Epstein will not implicate any other individuals involved in his crimes.

There is a Brigade-sized element of lawyers working for famous names that has been mobilized. After his "conviction" in Florida it's a safe bet that he has blackmail materials kept in a safe place that the Feds can't touch, career-ending materials at the very least, freedom ending in most cases. The NY Southern District wants a confirmed kill on this, but I'm betting they take a plea deal so they can close this before names get dragged into the light.

Here's the thing that has been lost in this conversation:

This is about under-aged girls and boys being victimized. Some of them had been groomed by a parent to enter this lifestyle, and were doomed from the start. These youngsters were used as sex toys by wealthy and powerful men and women.

They deserve justice.

Epstein will go to prison. Unless some of those who were victimized come forward to law enforcement nobody else will see the inside of jail cell.

All the politics and rumors are just window dressing. Both ends of the political spectrum have invoked the gods of "Butwhatabout" as if their side is cleaner then the other. As skeptics we should start with the facts. Epstein's wealth allowed for the best legal defense. His social life was structured to make powerful friends, some of those friends shared his perversions, and some did not. Billionaires attract politicians from every level like a porch light attracts bugs. We've already seen many photos of Epstein with famous people, but without context we must be careful about the circumstances of which these photos were taken. Guilt by association does not mean guilty.

Sure, some of those famous faces are guilty as sin. But we have to prove it, and that will be hard, and in most case impossible even with eye witnesses. Those guilty famous faces most likely committed their crimes on Epstein's private island, Little Saint James, in the Virgin Islands. The mistake the Feds have made was not moving on Epstein's girlfriend/partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, who likely has access to the alleged blackmail material. Hopefully the FBI is watching her but I'm not holding my breath. This means evidence is being destroyed.

We're going to be lucky if Epstein serves more than ten years in a real prison.
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