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Originally Posted by Craig4 View Post
It would be better to just make Durham a drone in sector 7g and ignore him. Don't fire him but don't have time on the calendar for him either. Benign neglect will just make it fade away.
That's probably what the Biden admin will do.

At least keep Durham until most nominees have been confirmed by the Senate.

Barr's trick to appoint Durham not as Special Counsel, but then use his authority as AG to apply the special counsel regulations to the appointment, is clever only at first glance.
The next AG can use the same authority to rescind the regulation for Durham, and then fire him.

The whole exercise is really just adding a "problem" for Biden. It will be used by Republicans for one more "outrage session" if and when Durham is fired. No big deal, and probably not in the top 50 of poison pills Trump will leave for Biden and the US.
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