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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post
No. Barr passed the buck in a trick move. There is no evidence there that Obama spied on Trump's campaign. If there had been you know it would have been out there already, even if it was weak evidence.

There is evidence the FBI has been a little sloppy applying for FISA warrants. We've known that for several years now. That's all there is to see folks. A scapegoat or two at most, probably doing what everyone's been doing for years.

Barr didn't have the courage to tell Trump there was no there there. Now he's washing his hands of it. Maybe he has a couple news agencies tricked into describing it as an investigation Biden can't stop. But who says Biden cares? He knows there was no there there.

And I've already read that nothing was going to involve anybody at the top like Obama or Biden.

Well my advice to Joe Biden would be to let the investigation run its course, unless it turns into a full blown Ken Starr type massive fishing expedition. If he tries to fire the special counsel, or otherwise hinder his investigation, he just makes it look like there is something to hide. If some FBI agents didn't follow proper procedure, deal with them accordingly.
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