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Originally Posted by Mader Levap View Post
This is not surprising for me.

Rotting USA into rigthwing authoritarian state is proceeding nicely - Biden is just temporary setback, not first, not last. These guys play long, multidecade game, from convincing people to vote against their best interests to actual election fraud in many, more or less legal forms like voting surpression.

And then there goes Trump breaking toys, throwing tantrums and creating non-zero chance it all will go off rails, not necessarily in direction wished by rethuglicans.

I didn't expect Barr to come out in support of Trump's nonsense. I pretty much knew Barr wasn't stupid enough to make allegations he knew he couldn't support in court.

But it is surprising that he pro-actively contradicted Trump. There was really no need for him to do that, and as you said, he and his type usually don't have any problem just letting the rot continue unabated. And that's why calling out Trump like this is such a surprise.

I suppose he could be trying to polish his public image, but it seems slightly delusional for him to think that is possible at this point.
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