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Originally Posted by Horatius View Post
But it is surprising that he pro-actively contradicted Trump. There was really no need for him to do that, and as you said, he and his type usually don't have any problem just letting the rot continue unabated.
My point is that destruction caused by Trump may be slightly at odds with what republicans actually want. Think about it as Evil vs Evil trope.

You see, multi-decade long, slow rot into authoritarian state won't really cause any massive opposition. Frog in boiling water syndrome. This is why they do it like that. Patience is rewarded.

On other hand, sudden change (like declaring Trump POTUS against not only popular vote, but also electoral vote) will cause mass riots, violence and serious calls for significant reform of system... and last item, however unlikely, is absolute threat to rethuglicans and their goals.

This is where republican and Trump interests are at odds.

Right now, Trump is useful for Republican party only for Georgia runoffs. After that, they would really want to drop Trump like used condom, but obviously it is rather hard to do without pissing off his base of deplorables. Sure, their amount should be smaller after 20 Jan, but republicans still cannot afford alienating them.
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