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Originally Posted by Orphia Nay View Post
I think I've read that Fossey said some superstitious things that later caused harm, but I can't recall what. Also might be conflating things with Rachel Carson. I think one was against GMOs (and used the anti-GMOer's traditional Argument from Ignorance), and the other was against chemicals and particularly DDT, and the reduction of the use of DDT in areas saw increases in deaths from malaria outbreaks where malaria had been eradicated.

I can't imagine what you would think was nutty in the article about Gorilla numbers increasing.
I think cullennz was applauding Fossey's gorilla preservation work but was also pointing out that Fossey was a violent racist alcoholic. She allegedly beat a poacher's testicles with stinging nettles and also kidnapped a local child for a time. In other words - she got along better with gorillas than she did with her fellow humans. That would be considered by most people as being "nutty".
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