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Originally Posted by Segnosaur View Post
Remember that anti-Malarial drug Trump kept pushing as some sort of miracle cure? "How can it hurt" he said.

A possible treatment for COVID-19, heavily touted by U.S. President Donald Trump in recent weeks, has been withdrawn from high-dose use in a Brazilian trial because it was feared to be having adverse effects on patientsí hearts. Chloroquine...has inspired hope in some medical circles amid reports that it can help to offset the symptoms of the deadly virus. But the New York Times reports that a recent clinical trial saw patients develop irregular heartbeats, a number of whom developed heart arrhythmias and later died.

(I think someone else posted in another thread about other studies from Europe that wer likewise canceled amid problems.)
Fake News! It's a 'game changer' and the early testing results are 'very, very encouraging'! (Not a) Dr.Trump says so.
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