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Originally Posted by Segnosaur View Post
In case you didn't know...

Most abortions take place in the first trimester and don't require hospitalization.

Also, keep in mind that if the goal were really to limit the spread of Covid-19, then banning abortions is the worst thing to do... after all, an abortion would require maybe one or 2 visits to a clinic, and its done... On the other hand, a pregnant woman who is keeping the baby will have to go to seek medical attention multiple times (for example, a recommended once a month visit at minimum to the doctor, plus other visits for ultrasounds, blood tests, etc.) And that's assuming the baby and mother are healthy. Each one of those visits provides additional risk for spreading the virus.
If the anti-choice people have their way, abortions won't even take place in a medical facility at all but in backrooms and basements like they did before. Many of those women ended up in the hospital and/or dead.
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