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Originally Posted by rockysmith76 View Post
I said the frivolous ones, the ones where baby was basically an oops and an act of irresponsibility and would also take away a hospital bed from one of the life threatening ones. That said, likening abortions, given the myriad of other potential serious operations that could be needed, to being as essential as food is just a stupid analogy.
Abortion is a responsible act. To take away choice takes away responsibility. That said, abortions are essential because they are time dependent. But that point went right over your head, as was said by others.
1. He'd never do that. 2. Okay but he's not currently doing it. 3. Okay but he's not currently technically doing it. 4. Okay but everyone does it. 5. He's doing it, we can't stop him, no point in complaining about it. 6. We all knew he was going to do it which... makes it okay somehow. 7. It's perfectly fine that's he's doing it.
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