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Originally Posted by Brainster View Post
Nobody's saying let's stick with coal-fired plants forever. Nobody's saying let's not use electric vehicles. Nobody's saying that we can't build new solar power plants or wind turbines (other than the usual NIMBY and BANANA folks).

It's your side that is saying that is not enough, that we need to get rid of cows (or their farts), that we need to crisscross the country with high-speed rail at an impossible pace.

So we say, okay, how about nukes? No surprise, nukes are not allowed, because today's boomer environmentalists all cut their wisdom teeth as members of the Clamshell Alliance. That's quite transparently a sop to one shrill element of the environmental movement. Instead we'll just get rid of plane travel. Or maybe we'll let you fly electric planes, we haven't decided yet.

So go ahead with your hybrids and your solar power plants and your wind turbines. But when it comes to the crazy stuff like hsr eliminating the need for air travel in ten years, I say there are better uses for all that money.
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