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Originally Posted by acbytesla View Post
None of this surprises me. Few of these are ripe for being publicly traded. The Nuclear sector has a dozen new companies. 80% of which or more are likely to crash and burn. Choosing the right company to invest in is challenging. Not only is picking the best technology difficult but picking the company is extremely hard. Bill Gates has invested a half a billion dollars into Terrawave and traveling wave reactors and I'm not sure it is a better solution than any of the other companies proposing small module reactors. Imagine losing a half a billion dollars.

I have been studying the energy sector intensely for years and I don't feel comfortable with any of the investment opportunities I've looked at. The one I did take a flyer on lost half its value in the first six months I owned it. I mention molten salt simply because of the versatility of applications and the intense interest in it.

Good luck with your investing. I hope you make a killing.

I'm coming to the awful realisation that I'm better of putting my money in companies that deal with the effects of climate change, such as reinforcing coastlines, than technologies that could have prevented the damage.

In Europe, there are many demonstrations by schoolkids demanding policy changes regarding climate change. So that gives hope.

But on the other hand, we have a climate change denying party rising in the polls right now here in the Netherlands.
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