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Originally Posted by dann View Post
Don't you know the difference between, killing, dismemberment and eating *****? Are you saying that they're all the same thing? Feel the same way? Or are caused by the same thing???
First of all, calm the heck down. Why are you firing strings of question marks at me like a broken grammar check? It's incredibly stressful to try to have a normal conversation with someone doing that. If you are not in fact worked up, then I apologize. But the style of your post certainly makes it seem that way, and it automatically gets my hackles up.

Ignoring that for now, I will move on to my response. Which is that I do not understand your first question. Of course I know the difference between those things. I also know the thing they have in common. Which is that they are all harmful behaviors which a small subset of humans find pleasurable, sometimes sexually so, but the majority of humans rightfully find viscerally abhorrent. Rape would also fit into that category.

So it is going to be very difficult for a "regular" person to really understand how those so afflicted could derive pleasure in such ways. There isn't any common ground there for a lot of people. And my point in bringing up the examples I did was merely to point out that just because something occurs in brains all over the human race doesn't mean it has a purpose or (even biological) reasoning behind it.

It may be "a pathology", but why would that mean that there's "nothing to get"??!
There's nothing to "get" for me, and I studied this sort of crap quite in-depth for almost six years. (Yeah, I was a super-senior at university. Does that really surprise anyone? ) I understand how it manifests, I know the common comorbidities, I know how to talk to the afflicted in a professional setting (though I never have - when I worked in the field it was as a lowly drug & alcohol counselor, and I would have needed a few more years of schoolin' before they let me talk to Dahmers), and I could even take a stab at what childhood incidents might have led to the pathologies developing, provided I were given that information and had the patient in a proper clinical setting.

But NONE of that means I am even a step closer to really understanding WHAT they get out of it, HOW they could possibly do it, WHAT is going through their heads as they undertake vile activities such as rape for pleasure, etc. That's all I was saying. It was almost a philosophical musing, and it certainly wasn't meant to insult you or your question. Merely to point out the futility of trying to understand minds objectively (another reason I quit).

Maybe I didn't understand your original question properly, then. If so, please feel free to correct me.
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