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Originally Posted by abaddon View Post
Apologies for knowing my metier.

On a serious note, it is horribly easy to comprehensively bugger up any rdms at a mere click. BBS interfaces are notorious for it.

Back in the day when I did such things I can recall group chats with mods/admins. They devolved into

Me: you are gonna break it.
Them: We have to reset.
Me: You're gonna break it.
Them. Let's just reboot and delete and start from scratch.
Me: You're gonna break it.
Them: Lets just do this and see what hap----<silence><dead website><tumbleweeds>
Me: I told you that you would break it.

This is distressingly common. I am fortunate to have a trust relationship with my customers. This is, in my experience, a vanishing ethic.

I am told by a developer friend of mine that borking a database is frighteningly easy, like having a ; where you were supposed to have a : and such a mistake can take a long time to track down.
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