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More about Hansen
Originally Posted by Ron Pine
As to why would Hansen lie by saying that the Iceman was a fake if, in fact, it was real, the sequence of events is important hare. The FBI had already conducted its investigation and had determined that the Iceman was bogus. Sanderson knew this or very soon would and Hansen knew that Sanderson knew this or soon would, and the FBI certainly knew what it had done, so what would be the point of Hansen continuing to lie to any of the investigating group, Sanderson, Napier, Ripley, Hoover and his FBI? He knew that the game was up. None of the investigators, especially the FBI, would have ever just taken Hansen's word that he had not been engaged in illegally smuggling the dead body of a human-like being into the US, etc., or having taken part in or been knowledgeable concerning what appeared to have been a homicide of sorts if the thing was for real.
Originally Posted by RON PINE
No, Hansen would not have lied to get the FBI to back off. The FBI had already completed its investigation and the jig was up
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