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Originally Posted by caveman1917 View Post
As I explained to my dad when I was 5, given the number of houses in Belgium and the number of seconds in a night, if Santa Claus existed he would have to visit multiple houses per second which is obviously impossible, therefor Santa Claus does not exist.

He accepted the argument, surely so can you. Also, your silly retorts in no way make you any less of a pseudo-skeptic, as demonstrated exhaustively in this thread.
oh, my kid was going to tell the other kids there was no Santa... I explained, no Santa, no toys - yes, Santa exists - you lost this one

project much pseudo-skeptic - did dad save money that Christmas - math proves no presents this year - cool

Thus math prevents you from
Explaining your claim. the 50/45/5 opinion based on {}
Explaining the 5%. Is it CD, explosives, remote control aircraft?
Explaining what is the 45% MIHOP.
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