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So let's back up a few days to before this went meta am

The claim was:

Sure, if you gratuitously choose the nuttiest CT out there then it's trivial to debunk because it indeed runs into major issues. None of that was specified in this thread though, it's also quite lazy skepticism going after the lowest-hanging fruit.
And for reference the "low hanging fruit" that the OP. was about includes:

Architects and Engineers for Truth
Pilots for Truth
A certain senior lecturer in International Relations in Lincoln University (who studied at Oxford).

I am pretty new to the 9/11 Truth field. Who are the individuals or groups, for example, who are prosecuting the theory that the CIA or some other agency had convinced the Jihadis to undertake this operation?
The non-theoretical character of metaphysics would not be in itself a defect; all arts have this non-theoretical character without thereby losing their high value for personal as well as for social life. The danger lies in the deceptive character of metaphysics; it gives the illusion of knowledge without actually giving any knowledge. This is the reason why we reject it. - Rudolf Carnap "Philosophy and Logical Syntax"
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