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Originally Posted by Reality Check View Post
<snip> After maybe 7 years, all they had were delusions about the experiment on a web site and 1 standard plasma physics paper from 1 researcher. They have now gone off the deep end by changing to a company promoting a "free energy" scam.
I made a couple of posts on LENR/ E-Cat forums about SAFIRE. I don't expect them to take much notice, as they want to believe in their woo as much as Sol does in his. However, I suggested that Childs was essentially scientifically untrustworthy, given that he saw fit to chuck north of $4m at an experiment that is testing something that is scientifically impossible. One question they don't seem to be able to answer is;

"If the Sun is an anode, how can it simultaneously attract and repel electrons?"

That seemed to stump them. My main reason for posting was to draw attention to the scientific credentials of the people behind this, and where the funding was coming from. If it puts one investor off, then job done. However, given the financial mess we are likely to be in after the pandemic, I think SAFIRE is probably dead in the water. $4m+ of Velikovskian money straight down the drain. No papers, no free energy scam. Awfully sad. Not
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