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I have the OP on ignore, but can always trust from that quarter the neocon position on anything Filipino.

To the dismay of their American big brother, the Filipinos have given up fighting to the last Filipino for America. Especially against China.

So Duterte has to take a relentless rhetorical beating, really more of a pathetic bleating about what a brute he is when what's going on is his opposition to our "Asian Pivot". How the U.S. is going to march right in and take those multibillion-dollar man-made islands the Chinese have built for hydrocarbon development and shipping container transfer sites.

Mini-Singapores. Staggering hydrocarbon potential. Sea floor nodules, fisheries, you name it. Once they've got sovereign land.

Duterte isn't throwing dead Filipinos, these expendable non-humans, at China. To slow China down so they don't become so powerful economically they become a threat militarlily.

The problem for Americans is accepting Filipinos as fully human, capable people that can make their own decisions on such things. China comes in offering high speed rail and joint hydrocarbon development. The USA comes in demanding Filipinos run at Chinese with bayonettes.

Trump has smarts with Duterte. He congratulated him on the drug war. Because the Filipinos are big time behind Duterte on that: it is why they elected him. They know what they are doing, and in Filipino culture, SE Asian culture, this works.

So what if you don't understand it, lol. That they deserve this respect. Embodied in their amazingly popular president.

We love him.
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