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Originally Posted by Segnosaur View Post
A few small stories coming out of Canada:

Looks like the government has gotten to the point where they're asking for bids to replace the F-18s.

The federal government formally submitted requests for proposals (RFP) today to procure fighter jets to replace the decades-old CF-18s. Four companies are in the running to supply Canada with roughly 80 new jets: Saab of Sweden, Airbus Defence and Space out of Britain, and the American firms Boeing and Lockheed Martin. Those companies have until spring of 2020 to submit their initial proposals to the $19-billion competition. A decision on the winning bid is not expected until 2022 ó the military procurement process can take years ó with delivery of the first jets expected by 2025.

Of course, with the upcoming election, the decision wouldn't be made until the next government gets sworn in.

Anyone want to predict what will happen? Will they stick with the 80-plane order or go back to the 65 originally suggested under the conservatives? Which plane will be picked? Will there be further delays or problems? (There are accusation of a bias in favor of the F-35.)

And.... it looks like we might have to change the date for the election:

A change in the upcoming federal election date is possible after a federal court challenge was brought forward by a Toronto Conservative Party of Canada candidate....Oct. 21, 2019 is the federal election date in Canada. It is also an important Jewish holiday called Shemini Atzeret, following the festival of Sukkot...ďWe canít drive, we canít work, we canít vote, we canít use the phone, the computers, so a lot of things that need to be done on an election day I canít do.Ē

Have to admit, I'm a bit conflicted here... In our society, we need to allow everyone the chance to vote. But, I also think we should be a secular society, and we shouldn't let others be impacted on an individual's religious views.
There are usually several days of advance polling, specifically for those who, for any reason, cannot vote on election day.
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