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Bobby's banned me from his page.

And he's a dang slow learner.

A couple of days after he got busted for the Real 3Games scam he started up his "Imaginarium Company". The problem is that Imaginarium is a Spanish company that operates a chain of toy stores in the U.S.

But when you think about Freeman valley, the C3PO and the ACCP were all things that sounded good to freemen wannabe's, but, IMHO, Bobby had not intention of putting in place. He was just trolling for gullible investors.

And, the prestige, I want to thank you for cueing me to tell all these things about Bobby. The poor ole boy has told his friends what's going on here and we can hope that a few of them are lurking and saying, "Wait, I didn't know Menard was doing all this scamming!"

You see Bobby has another effort in the wings. What are the odds it's on the level?

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