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Excuse me folks but I just want Menard brought to justice.

That's why I keep the various law societies in Canada informed about his phony legal advice business. That's why as much as possible I keep the Ontario authorities (who still have an active bench warrant out on him) aware of his general whereabouts.

There's nothing retaliatory about this. Bobby's never done anything to me except fill my email inbox up with gay porn.

There's nothing vengeful about this since I am not seeking to harm him in return for an injury caused me. He's never harmed me and can't do so. He can't get it together so as to sue me and he can't do something to me in Ontario when I visit family because he's a wanted man there.

I don't consider Menard to be my enemy. I consider him to be a con man who prays on the gullible.

And for the record Bobby has been "slowed down" several times in the past and his "freeman business" is not nearly what it was just a few years ago. I would not be concerned about him now were he not actively attempting to revive his phony legal advice business.
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