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Originally Posted by MarkCorrigan View Post
But you suggested that the Poles should have peacefully protested against the Nazis when they (the Nazis) invaded. You made the rather obvious inferred claim that they would have been much more successful than in trying to resist them with force. That the deaths of a large number of Poles weren't due to the Nazi's being evil bastards but due to them fighting against a hostile resistance.

I showed you what happened to peaceful protest movements in Nazi Germany. They were executed. Brutally.
Well, assuming you live in an occupied country by Germany around 1940, your best course of action is probably to do nothing special, and to obey the orders of the occupying power (and, if you are a Jew, try to hide, or hide your identity, though I think the French Jews were actually generally not deported by the Germans during the German occupation of France), at least for some time.

My mother, born in 1933, and who unfortunately died a few days ago from COVID-19, lived the occupation period by Germany in Belgium, and, believe it or not, she once told me that, at some point, the Germans had oranges distributed in schools, and they said this was a present from the German military (!). The British and Americans were more distributing bombs from the sky, I believe (business as usual ).

Nevertheless, the Germans were not well liked by most Belgian people at the end of the war, and many felt happy to be "liberated".

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