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Originally Posted by ChrisBFRPKY View Post
I asked how egg knew the demographics of the crowd at that Trump rally. That link was what I got back. (as expected)

I don't think minorities have weak minds. I think in some areas like Miami Dade county FL, the Dems are having a nervous breakdown over the recent minority support of Trump.

Nearly half the Country is up in arms due to the media push to accept Biden as being rightfully elected by dismissing any claims of foul deeds. Everyone needs to know the election was valid, we need to know.
Claims made without evidence can be dismissed without evidence. You failed to note that it's also judges dismissing Trumps silly little claims of "foul deeds". If Trump and his supporters would stop lying about voter fraud, it would go a long way to that nearly half the country accepting that their guy lost. Of course Trump supporters aren't like us and don't share our American values so it's unlikely they will ever do the right thing.
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