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Originally Posted by ChrisBFRPKY View Post
I had no idea Minnesota was such a hotbed for Racists and White Supremacy. Your link doesn't show any Native Americans or African Americans at all or any other minorities for that matter. Obscene!
I'm not following your line of thinking here. I was basing what I said on my own local knowledge and found a link to demonstrate the demographics of the majority of people that settled in Minnesota. Minnesota is roughly 80% white, but the usual figures (such as this) don't break down the lineage of the white population. It's also worth noting that the rally we were talking about was very much aimed at the rural population, away from the Twin Cities, and in a less diverse region. The Scandinavians and Germans settled in Minnesota from around the 1850s, and while I'm sure the first few winters were really tough, that doesn't give a lot of time for natural selection.

There are Hmong and Somali communities that make up a small but significant portion of the population and are more recent arrivals. There are some racial tensions with the latter in and outside of the Twin Cities that an unscrupulous politician could use as a wedge issue, and, as sure as eggs are eggs, Trump has repeatedly done so (Bemidji Pioneer article).

Originally Posted by ChrisBFRPKY View Post
Oh my, if you think Trump was advocating for reunification of a new Nazi party in Minnesota, then by all means feel free to believe that. There's no law against having beliefs. A Nazi leader loved and admired in Israel with Jewish grandkids sounds a bit out there to me but hey do whatever narrative makes you feel good.
Trump specifically mentioned "Racehorse Theory" - that is not the same as survival of the fittest as per your suggestion. It's not the first time he's talked about it or about certain people having good genes and maybe you remember when he was talking about immigration from "s-hole countries" and opining on how he would prefer it if they came from Norway.

So, while he stopped short of saying "master race", what he suggested is indeed at the heart of Nazi ideology and should be a massive red flag. I've no idea what his larger intentions were/are and fortunately we probably won't find out where this was leading. Probably, he wasn't thinking much past stirring up xenophobia in ways that have historically worked before in order to get votes. Sure, he hasn't focused on the Jewish population (other than by amplifying anti-Semitic CTs and being inconsistent in support/condemnation for groups that do), but that's more about where significant racial tensions are in America. There are Jewish leaders and Holocaust historians who have spoken out about this (example, another example).

As far as believing a narrative that makes me feel good, trust me, nothing about this makes me feel good. I had hopes early on that Trump's need to be popular might have made him want to appeal to a broader population in how he acted as president, but instead it's been like the Southern Strategy on steroids.

Originally Posted by ChrisBFRPKY View Post
I think you find the increase in Minority voter support for Trump disturbing. It runs afoul of the "Trump is a Racist" narrative exposing it for the lie it is.

I must admit I like that. Further, you'll notice Trump has drawn more minorities into the Republican party, not less. It's only a matter of time and I can wait. The days of the Democrat party are numbered.
Well, obviously racism isn't the only reason people might vote for Trump, but the factor is there, and as I see it, a non-racist would either have to have other issues that outweigh the racism or find a way to downplay it, avoid even seeing it or deny it.

The problem with your approach here, is that you also need to account for the 80% of black Americans who do believe that he's a racist (link) - pretty damning if you're going on popular opinion. I guess it might have been possible that he's not racist and just stoking racism for votes, but according to people who know him personally (such as M.Cohen, Mary Trump and Apprentice contestants) he's pretty casual in his racism privately.

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