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Originally Posted by abaddon View Post
So the Jews are Marxist, communist, capitalist, financiers.

And somehow you cannot spot a problem in that.

That's bizarre.
To be fair, neither could Adolf. There actually was some... bizarre CT logic behind it, to be fair. It wasn't just some contradictory statements being thrown around. There was some CT logic connecting them. It wasn't good logic, it wasn't even sane logic, but it was there.

The Jews were supposed to be all about controlling the banks and economy to make people finally be sick of the whole capitalism thing and want communism instead. Which would give the Jews even more control over everything, somehow.

Of course, like all CTs, it requires pretty much every member of an arbitrary category act like drones towards some goal, even when it's against their personal self interest. Kinda like in the medical CT, millions of doctors would rather they or their relatives die of cancer, than reveal that there's a cure for cancer. Or in this case that if some Jew actually is a banker and worth millions of dollars (which was a lot at the time), he'd gladly give that all up if it's to further some ill defined Jewish agenda.

And of course, it needs one to ignore the fact that most of the problems that NSDAP was blaming on the Jews in the 30's were actually self-inflicted.

E.g., while the propaganda machine churned nonsense pamphlets about how Jews are buying all the cattle, and that's why there's no meat, in reality it was Adolf's autarky policy which forbade meat imports in the first place. Traditionally a lot of that came from places like, say, Denmark. Well, Denmark still had a LOT of cattle to sell, and Germany still had the (now unused) abattoir capacity, but were forbidden from actually importing it.

So, yeah, the logic really got bizarre, to say the least. The Jews were supposedly causing some problems, which actually were due to NSDAP policy and no Jew had been consulted. And it was supposedly in the name of some Jewish beliefs and/or agenda, and totally not something like the actual belief in the imminent shrinking markets problem (which, BTW, 90 years later still hasn't happened) of the NSDAP leadership, and the actual NSDAP agenda of achieving autarchy. And supposedly the Jews had some goal of throwing us all into some backwards commie barbarism, unlike the actual NSDAP agenda of actually trying to de-industrialize and de-urbanize Germany to levels even worse than what the USSR had, if that complete autarchy of food and resource production were to ever be achieved. Etc.

Projection on a massive scale, really.
Which part of "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn" don't you understand?

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