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Originally Posted by Axxman300 View Post
The underlying philosophy behind France and the UK's reluctance for military action was WWI. WWI left deep scars in the men who fought, and then fifteen to twenty years later found themselves in positions of power in those countries. And believe even the older men in power in France and the UK lost friends and family in that war.

So nobody wanted another one.

Except Hitler.

The Germans were angry people after WWI. Most had no idea that they were losing the war until they surrendered due to censorship of the newspapers. Obviously this seeded a deep mistrust in the German government, and allowed all kinds of conspiracy theories to fester which the German National Socialist German Worker's Party capitalized upon. Throw in the fact that the various incarnations of Germany had been at war with somebody for 300 years and you find a population in 1936 that is fed up, and really ticked off. Ticked off enough to vote for Nazis.

The rest is history. Complex history that should be consistently reviewed to avoid repeating it.
Then you had the "Stab in the Back" theory, that the German Armies were never defeated in battle but were betrayed by the civilian government.
That that piece of nonsense had such devastating impact on the german people was a major reason why the Allies isisted on "Unconditional Surrender" with a occupation oif all Germany during World War 2.

The scars left by World War one lasted beyong the start of World War 2. One reason why Churchill ,behind the scenes, foot dragged so much on the Invasion of France was fear of the Western Front repeating itself. One British general, after hearing Ike criticising Churchill for trying to delay the invasion, told Ike he was up against the f the casualaties of Ypres and the Somme.
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