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Quebec tramples religious freedoms as Canadian freemen dither

Freemen on the land don’t seem to know what to do as the province of Quebec effectively tramples the religious freedom of Muslim women.

The newly passed Bill 62 which forbids anyone from receiving or giving a public service with their face covered wearing face coverings. Effectively making impossible for Muslim women wearing face coverings to serve as doctors, nurses, teachers or even ride a city bus.

Anyone channeling Rosa Parks yet?

Yet the freeman crowd seems confused about the freedoms they have yammered about for years.

To their credit some freemen (even when convenient the double talking Robert Menard) see Bill 62 for the tyranny it is. But some of the freeman crowd can’t stop whining that the law should be applied to police officers wearing masks.

Paul Fiola: IMO, at least they believe what they believe enough to fight for it.
Robert Menard: But not enough to allow others to fight against it in an equal manner.
Robert Menard: . . .these masks are religious garb that provide no tactical benefits or increased safety. Their sole purpose is to hide the identity of the 'priests'. . . .I am personally far more concerned about [the law’s] armed and dangerous enforcers than I am a humus loving niqāb wearer.
Pawel Fryga: **** everybody's religion. Braindead.
Chris Carter: first of all **** islam. it's a piece of **** doctrine, intentions, claims and practices wise.

wearing niqab isn't an indication of a free society.

unintended consequences=wanna bet that many many hundreds of non-muslim females and perhaps even males r gunna flood into Quebec, wear niqab and force the police and courts to put up or shut up.

So where were freemen and the freeman brain trust when this law was proposed years ago?

Do freemen have any idea that their decades long trashing of constitutional law as fantasy negates their calls that Muslim women to be protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights?

Why is Menard allowing his Facebook page to be used as a forum for anti-Muslim hate speech?

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