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Originally Posted by Skeptic Ginger View Post

There is clearly a line, in Western culture it would be with the woman saying she freely chooses Purdah (or whatever name you want to give it).

Suppose that woman were brainwashed since early childhood? Too bad, tough luck, we are all about freedom to choose so indoctrinated choice counts as choice?

How about the woman who would choose not to wear a burka but she can't go against her source of support, her husband and/or parents?

How do you sift through the chaff and assure you aren't ignoring the wheat?

It's not possible.

So to comes down to deciding, impose on religious freedom or sacrifice the indoctrinated and overpowered?
A) can we test a choice to tell the difference between indoctrinated or based on life experiences?

B) the idea of support is really weird. This make a government role in maintaining a veil of ignorance over parties so one party doesn't revoke support.
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