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Originally Posted by BadBoy View Post
In France this was about freedom not to wear. Or at least that was how it was framed.

I'm on the fence. what we don't want is a sub culture that oppresses women's rights. There are many other issues similar to this. For example in the UK faith based schools must teach evolution to ensure the rights of children to get a good education. Then there is the issue of forced marriages and genital mutilation. To suggest this is all far right propaganda smells a bit of left wing apologetics as it does happen.

As for banning face coverings to protect freedoms for Muslim women, I feel it probably would backfire. Perhaps there should be a law whereby men can be prosecuted for forcing women to wear them.
If people have freedom and the free will to choose their religion then it follows they have the right to choose systems of belief some of us might not see as proper or even fair.

Individuals are also free to reject previous beliefs and move on to new ways of thinking and believing which might be even more strange to the mainstream.

But either way, I think, it's none of the state's business.

What I find hypocritical (and so pointed out in the OP) are the freemen on the land who claim the state has no authority over non-consenting individuals and then sit on their hands while the province of Quebec tramples the religious liberties Muslim women. Women who never once gave the province the authority to prescribe religious practices.

If you visit Rob Menard's Facebook page and scroll down you can be treated to Bobby and his freemen buddies parroting alt. right BS about preserving Canadian culture and heaping grade school insults on Muslim women.

They are hypocrites, pure and simple.
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