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Originally Posted by BadBoy View Post
The right for an individual to not be forced to wear a Niqab, Hibab or Jibab is just as important for their right to wear one. It is a difficult subject that has no easy answers but individuals must be protected against bad ideological doctrines that takes away from their individual freedoms, and much of the current left I think miss this point due to miss appropriated political correctness with accusing cries of racism. ....

I'm pretty left wing. But I am also an Atheist and a secularist and want to ensure the state I live in is kept apart from religious tentacles that want to keep imposing their values on the rest of us. I support anyone's right to be a Muslim a Christian or anything else, but I also support their right not to be, or to be an ex-Muslim or a Muslim who wants to wear whatever they damn well please.

Yes, and the point is, in Canada, they already have the right to refuse to wear such things, and at least some protections from the Government should they be subject to abuse by those trying to force them to wear them.

The problem is, like so many other domestic abuse situations, it can be hard to prosecute offenders if the victims aren't willing/able to cooperate, and press charges. However, marginalizing the victims still further by denying them basic services like bus rides doesn't do anything to actually make their lives better, it just makes it that much harder for them to interact with the larger Canadian culture in a sufficient enough manner that they would feel empowered enough to make this choice for themselves.

Imagine the mindset of a recent immigrant woman, being told by her family, "You must wear this, to protect you from the Barbarian Hordes of these unwashed infidels!", and being told by her neighbors, "Hey, this is Canada, you don't have to wear that if you don't want to!" She then sees the provincial government passing a law that requires her to stop wearing it in public lest she be denied every service that all others in the province take for granted, and this law is quite clearly deliberately aimed at Muslims, and not Chritians.

Whose opinion is she most likely to believe then, her family's or her neighbors'?
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