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Originally Posted by Horatius View Post
Imagine the mindset of a recent immigrant woman, being told by her family, "You must wear this, to protect you from the Barbarian Hordes of these unwashed infidels!", and being told by her neighbors, "Hey, this is Canada, you don't have to wear that if you don't want to!" She then sees the provincial government passing a law that requires her to stop wearing it in public lest she be denied every service that all others in the province take for granted, and this law is quite clearly deliberately aimed at Muslims, and not Chritians.

Whose opinion is she most likely to believe then, her family's or her neighbors'?
In Jefferson's writings on religious freedom he talks about how people being forced into or out of a religious practice will tend to give lip service (my words, not his) to the required practice and then going on to practice their religion as they please be it in private or in some alternate way in public.

In this case i could see Muslim women covering themselves and circumventing the law by, for instance, finding friends and colleagues at work or in the public sector who will cover for them (pun intended) when they break the law. . . as in . . . "No officer, she had her face uncovered when she came into the clinic. I am sure off it."

Maybe they could get cold and flu masks which they use when they are required to uncover and when confronted they pull out a doctor's order they got from sympathetic doctor saying the mask is required for their health.

One could think of a dozen ways around the law.
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