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Uh, thanks for highlighting the fact that Segal and Thornton couldn't be bothered to do their damn job??? It was Segal's duty as defense attorney to get his butt (or appoint a proxy) to NC and examine the evidence. Segal had the legal experience (in civilian courts) by that time to know that chain of custody would preclude the evidence being shipped to CA (or anywhere else the defense wanted) and yet he still did nada until the last moment and then whined that he hadn't enough time. Shyster Segal then proceeded to make word salad of his closing arguments, blaming the MPs and labs for shoddy work without explaining how that countermanded all the evidence showing his client was guilty as hell. I will say this, though: I believe Federal Inmate Macdonald got precisely the defense he deserved at his 1979 trial. (And I also think it's hilarious that Segal used all his material at the Article 32 hearing because he thought he understood military justice. If he'd understood military justice, he'd have saved the act for a general court-martial and gotten his guilty as hell client off then.)
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