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This business of JTF harping on all the time about Stoeckley and Mitchell DNA not being there seems to have come from something Cormier suggested to look for, who took over the MacDonald defense case after Silverglate retired. Frankly, I have never seen any hard documentary evidence that Mitchell and Stoeckley were ever DNA tested though I'm willing to accept that they were.

I'm even less sure that the other suspects, like Mazerolle and Don Harris and Dwight Smith were ever DNA tested, or the other suspect female participants. Mazerolle did do some various jail terms at the time. I am not sure about the procedure in America then but nowadays in the UK everybody who is arrested gets DNA tested.

The trial judges in the MacDonald case like Dupree and Fox were in bed with the prosecution. The 4th Circuit judges and Supreme Court were mostly Judge Dupree rubber stampers, though three Supreme Court judges spoke sense about the MacDonald case in an appeal in about 1981/2 which put MacDonald in prison wrongfully convicted for life.
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